Breaking Chains is an event focused on encouraging women to forgive by faith for their freedom. During this event, Bree shares her personal testimony of faith and forgiveness to encourage and empower participants to do the same. This event also includes a Q&A session and/or panel discussion to give participants the opportunity to share their own experiences and hear from others invested in helping sisters break generational strongholds. The inaugural event was launched in October 2017 and since that time, Bree has shared the Breaking Chains experience at several events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and metro Chicago, IL areas.


Reflecting on the birth of the SBCT ministry and her beautiful daughter being her motivation to keep pushing forward, SBCT Founder often says that she is:

Thankful for her. Doing it for her.

With that motivation and recognition that today’s teens face a myriad of new challenges that prior generations didn’t experience, the “For Our Daughters” program was born.  We understand that the challenges our teen girls face can be made worse by social media, peer pressure and daily news stories of teen suicide, bullying, rape or even human trafficking that may spark feelings of hopelessness and fear in our girls.

Like generations before us, we recognize that we’re stronger together and that a community of faith filled women supporting our teens and their families helps solidify the family foundation, fostering a generation of overcomers, achievers and servant leaders! In support of this mission, the Teen Girl Talk/TGT event, modeled after Breaking Chains with a focus on mentoring and supporting teen girls was formed.  The inaugural TGT event was launched in October 2018 and will be held annually as the core event in the For Our Daughters program. As a community of women, our goal with TGT is to share our faith and experiences, offering support and resources for mothers and daughters.


Health And Wellness

Experts in medicine, mental health, counseling and nutrition will provide health and wellness information that is important for our teen girls.

Money Matters

Are your teenage girls financially responsible? A lot of teens go to college in debt and come out with even more debt. This workshop is intended to help prepare our teen girls for the future.

Education and Careers

This workshop will focus on the importance of education especially when you get to high school. Grades in high school can impact you getting a scholarship or even admitted to college. If you aren’t sure about what you want to get a degree in, speakers will be providing information on various careers especially related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Challenges in Life

Are things difficult at school, home or it seems like everywhere you go? Are you lonely or confused? Are you concerned about what others think of you? Is it hard for you to make friends? This workshop will have experts on hand to help you find ways to deal with the challenges of life.